Linteo: Italian Wines Launches in Lebanon

Linteo, the newly launched Italian wine, set it sails at Malena Jbeil.  Enrico Beltrami came all the way from Sicily to enjoy this special occasion and answer all questions about Linteo. “Lebanon and Sicily have so much in common, passion, warmth, and a unique social life. Linteo is a true reflection of that and I am looking forward for the Lebanese to discover this Sicilian wine”.

All the guests at the open air reception of Malena’s rooftop valued both LINTEO red and white wine married to an exquisite selection of finger food served by Malena restaurant.

The band accompanied the mood perfectly with its selection of Jazz music.

Linteo is now available in select supermarkets at a very reasonable price.

Until the next wine tasting, make sure to serve your guests the newest Italian wine LINTEO.