Lina’s Exciting Sandwich Competition

Lina’s Signature Sandwich: Lebanon’s exciting Sandwich competition will bring out the talents of sandwich lovers across the country.

Ever since the 18th-century British aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, inspired the concept of sandwiches, these delicious creations have been an easy, nutritious and tasty way to enjoy one’s food. Today, the culinary capital of Beirut is sandwiched between east and west and boasts sandwiches with a sumptuous variety of mouthwatering local and global flavors. Think of marinated olives, smoked turkey, sundried tomatoes, melted cheese, foie gras, a touch of mint, freshly ground black pepper, Dijon mustard and walnuts… these and hundreds of other ingredients can make your sandwich an extra special winner.

The possibilities are endless, and the Lebanese are always creating new twists and inventions in the world of gourmet sandwiches. This is why Lina’s is launching its exciting monthly Sandwich Competition open to anyone in Lebanon!

The competition is a way to celebrate Lebanon’s culinary diversity and encourage peoples’ gastronomic innovations. Each month over a period of five months, Lina’s Sandwich Competition will select four nominees and choose a winner.

The contestants will prepare their top sandwich recipe in front of several judges, all experts in the industry who will pick the best entry. The winning sandwich of the month will then be sold at all Lina’s outlets, featuring the name of the winner who came up with it. In addition, the winner will get an iPad from Interlink for his or her creation.

There will also be a contest and grand prize at the end of the year for the best sandwich chosen from the top sandwiches of the previous five months, whose ‘inventor’ will win a weekend trip to Dubai and enjoy an extravagant night at the Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge. Of course, the winner’s sandwich will be added to Lina’s 2012 menu too.

The sandwich competition is sponsored by Cavalli Club, Restaurant and lounge, Dubai, as well as Interlink, Prunelle and Café Najjar. The exciting sandwich competition will take place at specific Lina’s outlets on different dates, starting with the launch event on July 11 at the flagship outlet in Downtown Beirut. If you have a great sandwich idea and you want to enter the competition, prepare your recipe and submit it by hand to any Lina’s outlet or through the website Four lucky participants will get to prepare their sandwich in front of the judges at one of five Lina’s outlets on the following dates:

July 11, Lina’s Downtown Beirut

August 8, Lina’s Jal el Dib

September 5, Lina’s Verdun

October 3, Lina’s Hamra

November 7, Lina’s Kaslik

The grand finals will be held at Lina’s Downtown on December 5, designating the best gourmet sandwich maker in Lebanon!

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