My First License – I Know My Road Rules

Porsche Centre Lebanon joined efforts with Kunhadi in carrying out a road safety campaign targeting children in Lebanon. The impetus for this voluntary program came from recent statistics that continue to show a high number of car accidents in Lebanon, some involving innocent children. Out of its social responsibility, Porsche Centre Lebanon put together a program and necessary event kit to focus on educating children on safety considerations when crossing the road or riding in a car in an experiential sense with a lot of fun.

Addressing the younger audience, aged between 4 to 9 years, the so-called “Porsche Kids Driving School” provides a unique opportunity to children to learn about the most important traffic rules that even they should know about. This includes the correct behaviour at a traffic light or how to use a pedestrian crossing safely. The program also demonstrates the importance of wearing a seat belt and that the parent should not use a mobile phone whilst steering the car. In addition, children are also familiarized with the most important road signs and put everything they have just learned into practice on a specially set-up driving course behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 pedal car.

The first stop of this program was at the ATCL last Saturday, the 20th of August 2011, where more than 100 children participated in this educational and entertaining program. After enjoying a theoretical session on basic traffic rules, signs and life-saving behaviour, the kids could not wait to start their practical lesson driving Porsche 911 pedal cars around a mini road-track setup, including operating traffic lights, road signs and pedestrian crossings.

After the successful completion of the program, every participating child received an easy-to-understand booklet on road safety rules to take home as well as a ‘Porsche Driving License’ stating “My First License – I Know My Road Rules”. All children proudly showed their own personal license card showing their name and age. The kids also received a “Porsche Safety Driving Book” for their parents to include them in this educational program and explain how they can support safer roads from their side.

The “Porsche Kids Driving School” will be touring through different Lebanese schools and clubs. For information on the dates and locations please contact Porsche Centre Lebanon.