Laser is Cheaper than Razors for Hair Removal

For years, laser has been thought too expensive to be considered as a first choice for women when it came to hair removal. Silkor has launched a quest to unveil a surprising truth to all the women who think that their skin and wallet deserve better.

An IPSOS study – a global pioneering research and market analysis company – has proven that laser is the cheapest permanent hair removal method of all, in addition to being the most result oriented on the long run. Even cheaper than disposable razors and ready-to-use caramel!

500 random Lebanese women between the age of 15 and 50 have been asked detailed questions about their depilation methods. Results revealed that laser was the cheapest method for removing unwanted hair (4,200$) if compared with all other methods over a period of 35 years and taking the time spent on each method into consideration. Other means of hair removal included in ascending order of cost: ready to use caramel (4,935$), electric epilators (5,947$), disposable razors (7,990$), wax (10,208$), replaceable blade razors (12,657$) and finally estheticians at beauty salons (13,394$). The difference in cost is considerable.

If done by medical skin care experts who use best inline laser technology, laser hair removal is not only the cheapest way for women to remove unwanted hair, but also the safest, most hygienic, effective, and result oriented choice. In fact, laser remains The ONLY SKIN FRIENDLY hair removal method: no allergy or acne; no ingrown hair; no black marks; moderate temporarily pain; and proven permanent results for a baby skin!

In line with the above staggering results, Silkor has created an animated web series – the first of its kind in the Middle East – illustrating amusing encounters between the main depilation methods, including “Silkorette”, a womanly character representing the laser hair removal brand. The avant-garde series is shared on Silkor’s official website, Facebook page and through YouTube:

Razor cheaper than Laser? 100% Urban Legend.