La Suite-Oceana – A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Exclusive invitation to all adults: La Suite-Oceana promises a beautiful day under the sun, only for grown-ups! Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, sports … summer has just begun and La Suite-Ocean is there waiting for you, near the infinite sea…

As soon as you step in, your eyes dive into the wide blue space. From first glance, your vision embraces the whole horizon that seems to spread endlessly: beyond the bar, beyond the pool, beyond the lawn, the sea is calling you. Everything there is a delight to the eyes and beholds pleasure, euphoria, and joy to the senses. Suddenly, you’re cut off from the rest of the world, to recreate your own universe.

The trip starts right out of the Damour highway, taking the fork leading to Oceana. It’s not just the noise of the city receding and fading away; it is nature that reigns, peace taking hold. Rows of banana trees are planted all along the aisle, on both sides of the road to the beach. Splendor and simplicity of the landscape are in harmony with a minimalist and refined decor.
Noble materials are used for the arrangement of La Suite-Oceana. Wood in all its forms and multiple uses shows a string of matches between a bed set out of strips, a bar with an asymmetric shape, cabins with stretched white stoles and chairs.

That’s it, you can relax, offer your body to the sun, especially if you remember to book in advance. Although reservations are not necessary, they are certainly preferable, for the place is usually crowded.  But no worries:  La Suite-Oceana has room for about 700 people in its many corners:  in discreet protected huts, all around the couches and sofas, the chairs, on special mattresses, on the grass, while the pool stands in the middle, inviting you to a refreshing dive. And one final temptation: a few more armfuls will lead you directly to the famous bar, in a very VIP zone. Do we still need to explain? The picture speaks for itself: you are always in contact with water, as your glass is on the pool edge, simply an extension of the main bar. All the senses come into action at once. Your body can’t help it: it will slightly swing at the DJ music that makes a heavenly summer even better…

At the stroke of noon, an atmosphere of a remote isle hovers around the resort… everything is on hand: for a break away from the sun, you can sit at the bar or around a table, choose between a real espresso and an international menu offered by the brand’s restaurant,  perfect to refuel the day! If you fancy more calm, docks spread out over three levels and provide a direct view over the fine sand and the sea. This is where leisure lovers can drive on jet skis. It is past 3:00 P.M. and the party is still going strong! A foretaste of the evenings occasionally held in La Suite-Oceana, extends till past midnight the usual “last call” of 7:00 P.M., when the sun sets over Beirut.

Ten minutes away from the capital, there reigns an unusual feeling of soothing comfort… You are surrounded by high green grass, all the worries of the outer world are gone, and nothing beyond the eye’s reach can matter … So, on your marks!

For information and reservations: 03. 19 15 15