Kotch plays hard on its 1st year anniversary


A special day that will be a nice memory in the mind of every person who showed up at the Cavalli Caffè in Beirut, to celebrate Kotch 1st year anniversary.

A wall of fame was mounted for a feeling-good looking-good sexy “kotchian” crowd, that raised the glass to drink for a mutually successful year. Members, friends and family all gathered at Cavalli Caffè’s exquisite terrace, enjoyed a soothing sunset, mingled, shared their wellness experience while delighting a mouth-watering Cavalli’ s buffet and sipping the best Champagne and Cocktails.

“One thing is for sure, no one watched or even cared about watching his diet on that day” said Eliane Tabet, Owner and Managing Partner of Kotch. “After all, this is our philosophy, we train hard to play even harder.”

“We want our members to look healthy and enjoy life, not just be fit. We think that the body needs as much fun as training. We conceived a program that does not include the word “deprive” anywhere.” confirmed Edwen and Wadad, Personal Trainers and Co-Owners of Kotch.

Saturday was simply a direct relevance of kotch’s “Play Harder” part of its motto that became more a tangible philosophical habit. Established in June 2012 by the visionary Eliane Tabet along with two renowned professional trainers, Wadad Mougharbel and Edwen Khoury, Kotch grew to become a leading brand name synonymous with luxurious fitness and wellness of the body.