KidzMondo and Spinneys launch a new collaboration

KidzMondo and Spinneys Group embarked on a new and exclusive collaboration, as part of the increasing number of services and activities offered in KidzMondo’s revolutionary city for children.

KidzMondo is a pioneering, unique project that has created an enthralling learning environment, where children take the lead in exploring their very own potential to the fullest. All this takes part in a fully functioning city, complete with its own currency (the Kidlar), constitution, functioning economy, and infrastructure. More importantly, KidzMondo is overflowing with a variety of educational activities designed to stimulate and engage minds of all ages. This eye opening world is developed on a plot of 4200 Sqm and represents 8000Sqm of build-up area, an establishment that can handle over 400,000
visitors per year.

With its adherence to stringent quality control and global standards of operation, Spinneys will open a fully functional supermarket within the city of Kidzmondo. Children will have the opportunity to learn about the hard work and organization required to run a successful store. As Michael Wright, CEO of Spinneys Group, elaborated: “Our values at Spinneys rely on cooperation to bring out about the best results through interacting with the community that surrounds us. We’re happy to work with KidzMondo to bring a Spinneys branch to this city that will introduce children to the world of adulthood in a fun and exciting atmosphere.”

KidzMondo’s collaboration with Spinneys is another important landmark in the number of high quality businesses that are already participating in Kidzmondo’s success. Ali Kazma, CEO and founder of KizMondo, was excited about the newest addition to the KidzMondo
family: “We’re very pleased to have Spinneys join our growing list of sponsors. It’s a company that has always encouraged healthy living while promoting environmentally conscious choices for its business”.

With over 80 planned career paths from which to choose, children at Kidzmondo are encouraged to learn within this highly interactive and dynamic setting, as they playfully explore real-worldexperience of policemen, bankers, or doctors, to name a few. Whether a child wants to shine with their inner news caster or magazine editor in our media wing, or take to the skies as a pilot or race on our F1 track, their experience is limited only by the force of their
own imagination.

No less important is KidzMondo’s constitution and its ideas of equality, respect for all, and the rights for self-expression and creativity. As the children delve deeper into the world of KidzMondo, they will be learning valuable lessons in what it means to be a citizen, as well as civic and social responsibility, essential self-reliance, and fiscal maturity. These lessons will stay with them well into their adult life, and serve to prepare the future generation for the tremendous challenges that lie ahead.