Not Booked Anywhere to Start the New Year? Head Down Town!

Like every year, Downtown Beirut celebrates the start of a new year with a big bang. A special show of fireworks is set to take place at midnight welcoming 2011 in a fun and exciting way the city of Beirut is always used to. Festivities this year will start at Ajami Square in Beirut Souks, facing the old L’Orient Le Jour building.  Everyone is welcome to attend the unique show set off at midnight.

Year 2010, Beirut witnessed a boom on so many levels. Celebrations are in order for many reasons…

The hype of inauguration of Beirut Souks – the heart of any Middle Eastern city. And in Beirut, a city of glamour, fashion and exclusivity, the Souk is the pinnacle of all these things.

Beirut Souks, opening in an Etoile District near you, bringing Lebanon’s capital the very best in all things: designer jewelers fill the avenues and shop windows of the Gold Souk, while farther down the narrow avenues a strolling street-walker can find the highest caliber of clothing and accessories. Finally one comes to the end of the line, the restaurants and cafes: trendy, tasty and fit for a break, they are ideal for the end of a long day of shopping.

The Souks are a progressive new step for Beirut’s already thriving downtown, and will provide space for previously unseen mono-brand outlets for big names such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Chole, Jimmy Choo, Cartier and many, many more.

More over, the first fashion show for Elie Saab in over a decade took part at the Souks as well as welcoming jazz loves to the Beirut Jazz Festival 2010 and of course without forgetting the memorable Jean Michele Jarre who lit Beurt skies with light and color.

These are but a few things Beirut celebrated this year… Head down at the last minute of the year 2010 to welcome the new year with passion and love for life, like all Lebanese people do.

Happy New Year!