Geek Express the new concept store in Beirut

Geek Express is a new concept store in Beirut opening on December 18, 2012. It aims to inspire people to interact in a DIY (Do It Yourself) environment. It is a maker space for children and grown-ups alike to play and experiment with delightful products and advanced technologies.

The space is home for enthusiasts, practitioners and professionals to come experiment and create with all the uprising electronics. MakerBot 3D printers, SparkFun electronics, littleBits, Arduinos and many others are available to encourage people to make and build their own objects and circuits through easy to use kits. The space is holding several workshops, talks and demonstrations for all ages given by experts. The themes range from arts and crafts to assembling electronic games, hack-a-thons and robotics. The space is divided into three sections: the gallery, the workshop rooms and the coffee shop. The gallery showcases advanced technologies, books and gadgets. The workshop rooms host the many workshops and can also function as meeting rooms when needed or requested.

The space also has a 3D printing area where people can buy, select and print 3D and limited edition objects. The Vintage Exhibition wall has items that date back to the 40s, and anyone can get their own items to exhibit.

Beirut digital district, Bldg. 1082, Nassif Al Yazagi str., Bachoura, Beirut, Lebanon