Dress up in Costumes at Dictateur for a Good Cause…

…The Beirut Dance Project Fundraising Party!

Support the Beirut Dance Project – professional training for underprivileged children – by attending the party at Dictateur on April 2nd, dressed up as what you’ve always dreamed to be!

What Did You Want To Be When You Grow Up? . . . They Want To Be Dancers

Date: Monday April 2nd 2012
Dictateur, Mar Mikhael
Starting 9 pm.
Tickets Sales:
Ticket Price:
$40 open bar


The Beirut Dance Project is currently supported by:
Philippe Hatem Foundation – for a happy childhood
Charles Chikhani Foundation

This event was made possible thanks to
Ocean Spray


About the Beirut Dance Project:

Vocational training in dance is a luxury worldwide as it is difficult and expensive. In Lebanon there is no public institution dedicated to this kind of training.

Launched in November 2009 by Nada Kano, the Beirut Dance Project has two major goals:

  1. To grant children living in difficult social and financial contexts access to the arts world. This channel would offer marginalized children an alternative way of overcoming their daily problems through the psychological and physical benefits linked to dance practice such as self-confidence, discipline and mental strength as well as providing them with a means to express themselves.
  2. To spot talent and offer young people a chance to achieve their dream of becoming dancers; thus creating a group of potential professional Lebanese dancers and therefore strengthening the dance sector in Lebanon.