Drawing with the Things Themselves-Paola Yacoub

A solo exhibition by Lebanese artist Paola Yacoub, at Beirut Art Center is one to see.

Following the artist’s investigations and performances for the camera in the early nineties, such as Fountain and Inundation (collages and models) and The Voice (objects, photographs and texts), and continuing with her current work, Paola Yacoub has produced a series of film clips and photographic essays. These works explore issues such as rituals, the interpretation of photographs from within a specific territorial knowledge and how news dramatizes the image, the city and the portrait through dynamic systems that constantly bring in their unfolding Beirut and Lebanese landscape as a migratory subject. Paola Yacoub’s work brings to light perspectives on autobiographical contingencies, and how the perception of a place can change without any alteration to its physical form.

The exhibition at Beirut Art Center will present a selection of works: performative photographs, photomontages, photographs, drawings, objects, models, texts, slideshows and video clips produced by the artist over the last twenty years, underlining her artistic processes and articulating what is at stake in her work today.