“Coming Back Home” at Zinc

In the newly refurbished club Zinc, Christian Ghammachi, a lawyer by profession, exhibits a collection of his photographs. The exhibition, entitled ‘Coming Back Home’, introduces Ghammachi back to the Lebanese crowd, as he prepares to launch his first photography book called “19 Years Later…” planned in November 2010.

The exhibition reveals a selected few of Ghammachi’s vast collection of photos.

His passion for photography was ignited by watching his father take photos of the world around him. He was 12 years old when he started fiddling around with amateur cameras until one day, when he turned 18, he decided to pursue his passion head on. With the help and advice of his father, coupled with his natural instinct, Christian taught himself how to use the camera to illustrate the world around him and capture special moments for eternity. Ever since, photography has been his most loyal companion.

Christian held a number of exhibitions in Lebanon and the Gulf region showing all the faces of his talent. His collection of images, taken from different parts of the world, includes a mix of portraits, travel photos, random moments of daily life, nudes and more.

Although he resides and works in the gulf, Christian grabs every opportunity to travel and uncover more worlds with his camera. For him there is no rehearsal, once the eye sees it then the camera must have. He shares with us what he sees and feels through his lens.

About the Book

“19 Years Later” is a photography book by Christian Ghammachi. The unique book is packed with awe-inspiring photos from different parts of the world along side tantalizing descriptions expressed by the photographer in simple and emotional manner.

While few will visit the places Christian Ghammachi has been to, physically and emotionally, this book will take you on a journey of self discovery, growth and life changing moments. The selected photos across the pages allow viewers to understand more about culture diversity and humankind in different parts of the world.

The carefully selected photos reveal the power of photography – its ability to document a moment in its true form and reality, helping the viewer sees deeper into things. “Photos may show things in a different light, or angle… but it shows them.”

In 19 Years Later we witness a changing world, and at other times we are reminded of the simple things in life that we take for granted on a daily basis. From nude photography to human rights, life and nature, landscapes, portrays – every image has a story to tell. The expressions of his subjects’ eyes, the sad whispers behind the wrinkles, the smiling façade covering a sad face; the sensual curves on a nude body… are but a few experiences that have moved him. “This is the power of photography.”The book is released in two Editions. The Normal Edition with 312 pages and a Full Version, including the collection of nude photographs, in 328 pages.