Coca-Cola Upgrades Play Area at Children Cancer Center

As part of its ‘Reaching out to Children in Hospitals’ Program, and on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), Coca-Cola Middle East announced the upgrade of the CCCL Children Library that was offered by Coca-Cola when the center first opened its door in March 2002. The upgrade includes a brand new art corner as well as an addition of books and toys aiming at providing children at the hospital with a space for creativity, fun and education.

“As an integral part of our mission to bring hope and a healthy future to our patients, we are keen on addressing the educational, psychological and entertainment needs of our children during their treatment at the center,” said Mrs. Hana Choueib, General Manager of CCCL. “To-date, we have treated over 800 children with cancer with a survival rate of 80%. These children spend most of their time at the center in the play area and the upgrade offered by Coca-Cola will help make their stay at the center a more pleasant and educational experience,” she added.

Since 2001, Coca-Cola has been extending a caring hand that aims to brighten the lives of hospitalized children by providing hospitals around the Region with libraries that contain a collection of children’s books and toys. With more than 30 libraries launched to-date across Lebanon, Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Bahrain, more than two hundred fifty thousand hospitalized children benefit annually from these libraries that help make their stay at the hospital easier.

“We are delighted to continue our long-standing commitment to brightening the lives of children in hospital rooms,” said Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Coca-Cola Middle East. “Through this program, we combine education and fun to bring happiness to hospitalized children while offering a pleasant distraction and some relief from the stress of being at a hospital,” he added.

To date, Coca-Cola has supplied over 3000 books to a total of 19 hospitals across different areas in Lebanon including: Makassed Hospital, Rizk Hospital, Notre Dame Hospital, Saint Charles Hospital, Monla Hospital, Khoury Hospital, Hammoud Hospital, Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, Abou Jaoudeh Hospital, Al Sahel Hospital, Lebanese Welfare Association, St. Therese Hospital, Ain Wa Zein Hospital, Libano Francais Hospital, Hamlin Hospital, AUB Medical Center, Al Salam Hospital , and Tal Chiha Hospital.

With operations in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola supports local communities by helping them find solutions to local needs, building capabilities and improving quality of life through programs, partners and people. Always striving to be an active partner to the Lebanese community, Coca-Cola has supported a range of community projects in Lebanon with the likes of the ‘CedaRoots’ project, inaugurating the first cedar forest in South Lebanon and supporting the ‘Go Green’ initiative to raise awareness on a number of environmental issues.