Choueifat Mall: Mega Shopping and Entertainment Center

A new $80 million-shopping mall is coming up in Choueifat. It will be located on the roundabout that connects roads linking Chouefat to Khaldeh, Bchamoun, and Aramoun. The Choueifat Mall will be completed by June 2015. The project owners are BA United Holding, a local construction and contracting group.

Tarek Hassan, project manager at project developers Dolmen Contracting, said the Choueifat Mall is expected to be a major landmark. The mall will have 46,000m² of Gross Leasable Area out of its 132,000m² of total built-up area. It will host numerous retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and a cinema complex. The mall has a total of nine floors, three of which will be parking areas with a capacity for up to 1,200 cars. Hassan said once completed the mall will be similar to the Beirut City Center mall.

Both project developers, Dolmen Contracting, and project architects, DNA (Design Novel Architecture), are subsidiaries of BA United Holding group, which is chaired and managed by its main shareholder, Bassam Asaad. BA United Holding also owns and operates the Saida Mall, which was launched earlier this year.