Beirut Street Photography with Eric Kim

If you’re interested in street photography, now is your chance to let go of that shyness and head to the down to the streets.  Street Photography 101 is a unique interactive workshop for anyone interested in street photography or looking to improve their current skills. Los Angeles based street photographer Eric Kim will be leading a dynamic two-day workshop in Lebanon where you will get to learn: How to get started in Street Photography (with a brief history).

Eric Kim wrote on his blog that he is excited that he’s in Lebanon. “Through all of your generous donations and sponsorships, I am able to make this trip. My heart goes out to everybody in this community who has not only gave me so much, but has helped me support my journey through creating this street photography blog.

The workshop will be two days long, and will involve myself presenting tips & techniques regarding street photography. Not only that, but participants of the workshop will actually be given time to go out and shoot with me! In addition, I also have a guest street photographer who will also be a guest speaker. I have never done a workshop or anything like this, but I have definitely put a lot of time, energy, and love into this presentation. Hopefully all goes well!”

Sat 13-Sun 14, 10am-6pm at Crepaway, Achrafieh.  Call 03-364815 for bookings and more details. $125