Batroun Set for Guinness World Record with Lemonade

Batroun, one of the oldest cities in the world,  located 53 kilometers north of Beirut in North Lebanon, the coastal city has been mentioned in ancient documents dating as far back as the mid 2nd millennium B.C. On the other hand the city is well known with its delicious Lemonade. The Batroun Trades Association decided to give it a shot at the the Guinness World Records: making the bigest cup of fresh Lemonade in the world on Sunday July 8th, 2012.

Large number of Batrouni’s as well as supporters will gather in the streets from 10:00 a.m ,to support and help the team members (200 persons) squeezing over 2 tons of lemonade. A special table of 100 meters length will be placed in the street where people stand on both sides squeezing lemons and placing the juice in buckets. These buckets will then be emptied in a special glass made especially for this event, aiming at breaking the world record set by China (the People’s Government of Jiagedaqi District, Heilongjiang Province) which is 4593.7 liters of freshly squeezed lemonade.

The association is targeting to squeeze more than 5000 liters to break the record. This project is set to cost a budget of $50,000, to achieve the new international record.

Here you have it BNL’ers, after Kebbe, Tabbouleh, Hommus, and Falafel, the target is Lemonade!!