“Audace” by Charbel Bouez: A Photography Exhibition in Beirut Souks

A unique photography exhibition- Audace by Charbel Bouez- displaying more than 100 compositions highlighting mostly unknown natural areas in the world will be open to the public from March 30 till April 9 at the Venue Hall in Beirut Souks.

Organized by Events Productions, and held under the high patronage of the Minister of Culture his Excellency Mr. Gaby Layyoun, the exhibition is expected to attract more than 2000 visitors.

In light of his increasing fame and reputation as an artistic photographer in the region, Bouez decided to exhibit in “Audace” a collection of his masterpieces supported by texts written by Cynthia Deriane.

Bouez stated that the exhibition’s name, Audace, stems from his challenge to achieve recognition for his innovative work, as he is taking a bold step in showcasing his compositions in one of the most prestigious art spaces in Beirut that will allow him great exposure to renowned critics and a refined audience.

The collection presented by Bouez embodies the photographer’s passion for exploring natural sceneries and wild landscapes which he dubs as his second home. His love for the wilderness has fueled Bouez’s talent in photography and boosted his fascination with this art.

Bouez said: “This exhibition presents a great platform that aims to show to the Lebanese and regional public, through the lens of my camera, the incredible untapped landscapes and astonishing wild areas thus indirectly urging the preservation of such sites; Taking pictures is my way of getting closer to the land and the cultures that inhabit it.”

To Bouez the camera is a tool that allows him to see, observe, and think in the silence of solitude. “The pictures I produce must tell a certain story to the viewers and reflect a greater idea beyond the still image, where the nature is in a constant change and mirrors the very essence of life, “remarked Bouez.

Charbel holds a degree in advertising from LAU in 2006 and a Masters from London College of Communication in enterprise management for the creative arts in 2009. Learning and experiencing new shooting techniques, distinguished him through his collections and compositions usually known for their impressive size. Charbel was invited to represent his work in many galleries and spaces, lately in Zinc.