A New Active Lifestyle Awaits You at Decathlon

Founded in 1976, Decathlon is a French brand that offers a stellar combination of quality sporting goods at affordable prices for over 70 different sports under one roof. Decathlon, an original chain belonging to the prominent Oxylane group, aims at making sports accessible to all. Spanning across the globe with nearly 595 stores in over 15 countries, Decathlon, through its partnership with Azadea Group, a leading fashion and lifestyle Retail Company in the MENA region, will be opening its first Decathlon store in Lebanon, making it the second branch in the region following the launch of its first store in the UAE in 2010.

“We are extremely excited about introducing Decathlon to the Lebanese community, one that is filled with a great number of sport enthusiasts,” stated Aline Chabenne, Azadea Lebanon’s Country Manager, “and we are certain that with the products that Decathlon has to offer, we will not only satisfy those customer’s needs, but also encourage others to add sports to their everyday life.”

Gaining popularity worldwide for their diverse array of sporting equipment, clothes and accessories, Decathlon exclusively sells their own invention, the Marques Passions brand, alongside notable international ones including Adidas, Puma,Reebok and others that are offered at a reasonable range of price points. What is extremely predominant as well as noteworthy is the way they have been formulated. Decathlon’s own line “Marques Passions” consists of clothing and equipment that have been devised from Decathlon’s own raw materials and further been tested and conceptualized in their own research labs creating some vital must-haves.

Consisting of nearly eighteen brands, Marques Passions possesses its own name and identity and is present in the store under a “Universe.” Marques Passion’s sub-brands cater to a diversity of sports ranging from racquet and contact sports to dancing and martial arts among many others. For instance, if you are a golf aficionado, Inesis is where you will find everything you need for a perfect game. If archery and darts are your interest on the other hand, then Geologic is for you. For the hikers, Quecha will cater to your needs, while those trying to get healthy will find all the fitness necessities under Domyos and Aptonia.


In addition to being a sporting goods store, Decathlon introduces its customers to a world of interactivity. Test zones within the store have been set up that help the consumer ascertain which sport would suit him/her most. The shopping and service experiences are also enriched through in-store workshops that demonstrate how to fix different equipment.

Step into an elaborate sporting world where the sky is the limit as Decathlon enriches your life with the goodness of sports.