19 Years Later: Book Signing and Exhibition

On December 19 and 20, Christian Ghammachi will be signing his first photography book, titled “19 Years Later” at the “Escalier de Gemmayzeh” in Beirut, at 19:00, this event is within the book’s exhibition that is taking place at the same location until January 4, 2011.

“19 Years Later” is a unique photography book packed with inspiring photos from different parts of the world along side tantalizing descriptions expressed by the photographer in simple and emotional manner. This book takes you on a journey of self discovery, growth and life changing moments.

The selected photos, some in black and white and some in full color, across the pages allow viewers to understand more about culture diversity and humankind in different parts of the world.

“19 Years Later” is a compelling relationship between Ghammachi and photography, which started in 1991.

From nude photography to human rights, life and nature, landscapes, portrays – every image has a story to tell. The expressions of his subjects’ eyes, the sad whispers behind the wrinkles, the smiling facade covering a sad face; the sensual curves on a nude body… are but a few experiences that have moved him. “Photography is not about what you see, but about how you see it,”  expresses Ghammachi.

The book is released in two Editions. The Normal Edition with 312 pages and a Full Version, including the collection of nude photographs, in 328 pages.

The book is available on the photographer’s website: www.christianghammachi.com , and in all Virgin Megastores in Lebanon and the Middle East.