19 Years Later at the Festival of Lebanese Art Books

Guys, with a lot of talent being discovered on a daily basis in Lebanon, whether in art, fashion, photography and more…  exhibitions catered to highlight such talents are continuously taking place around town. One event I highly recommend you go check out is the Festival of the Lebanese Art Books currently taking place at the Unesco Palace in Beirut.

With the focus on photography, the festival brings together books by Lebanese photographers and photographic books on Lebanon. The event includes new book launches and signings. But one personal favorite of mine is a new book by Chrsitian Ghammachi, entitled “19 Years Later”.

“19 Years Later” is a unique photography book packed with inspiring photos from different parts of the world along side tantalizing descriptions expressed by the photographer in simple and emotional manner.

I believe that this book takes you on a journey of self discovery, growth and life changing moments. The selected photos across the pages will allow viewers understand more about culture diversity and humankind in different parts of the world.

In “19 Years Later”, the photographer, at some point,  takes us into the  journey of  a changing world, while at other moments, we are reminded of the simple things in life that we take for granted on a daily basis.

From nude photography to human rights, life and nature, landscapes, portrays – every image has a story to tell. The expressions of his subjects’ eyes, the sad whispers behind the wrinkles, the smiling facade covering a sad face; the sensual curves on a nude body… are but a few experiences that have moved him. “This is the power of photography,” expresses Ghammachi.

The book is released in two Editions. The Normal Edition with 312 pages and a Full Version, including the collection of nude photographs, in 328 pages.

Festival of Lebanese Art Book will run until November 20, 2010 at Unesco Palace. Time: 4-9 pm