Yummi Bouquet: Fusion Bouquet

At the crossroads between design and culinary trends, an edible bouquet is on the market, fusion style! Yummi Bouquet creates both standard and customized table centers, plates, bouquets, giveaway boxes small and big, as well as other arrangements, out of fresh fruit and chocolate, coated with a premium nut mix..Yum! Maya El Hachem, Yummi Bouquet Managing Director/Partner, gave BeirutNightLife.com a closer look at this original gift idea in town!

1. What is the idea behind Yummi Bouquet?

My motivation was to add a unique, high-end, and creative offering to the gift platform on the Lebanese market. We offer premium products in healthy combinations, and also provide customized designs, catering to all budgets.

2. How did you come up with this innovative arrangement mixing fruit & chocolate?

The fruit bouquet concept has witnessed an outstanding growth worldwide in the past few years. Yummi Bouquet simply introduced to the Lebanese market this new way of expressing emotions, feelings, and wishes to loved ones.  Living abroad, it was always challenging for me to send creative gifts and greetings to family and friends residing in Lebanon. For this reason, I started this line of business upon my return home. The market here proved to be very open to innovative concepts.

3. What are the bouquets made of?

Prime fresh fruit is at the heart of our arrangements. We have standard patterns, usually picked from the catalog or website, which are available throughout the year, with different assortments ranging from honeydew melon, cantaloupe rock melon, pineapple, orange, banana, strawberry, mango, kiwi, or grapes. These are dipped in gourmet Belgium chocolate ranging from dark to milk or white, as per the client’s request. Some seasonal customized bouquets are designed on special occasions with pears, watermelon and dates.

4. In what spirit does your team deliver such careful work?

The production of a Fruit Bouquet requires not only an artistic approach, but also commitment to high standards of quality. Our initial training program includes a one-month hands-on training at Yummi Bouquet, including instruction on sales, management, production and customer service. Employees become more intimately acquainted with the importance of gifting to both the recipient and the sender. With time, they increasingly enjoy becoming an integrative part of this thoughtful and enthusiastic process.

5. What initial thoughts can you share with other entrepreneurs?

Yummi Bouquet has successfully acquired a good reputation and has attracted business from several areas beyond its local vicinities. It has been in operation for slightly over a year and is now definitely heading towards expanding its projects to other cities in Lebanon and to the Middle East. I believe Yummi Bouquet’s success, in spite of the fluctuating state of the Lebanese market, lies in the fact that it offers a unique concept, and quality products in its application- two crucial elements for entrepreneurs. I now believe Government and Banks have much to gain from increasingly giving attention to small businesses, at the start-up phase, as one of the major drivers of our market.

With practical delivery and pick up services, this is definitely worth a try!