Why You Should Date A Girl That Drinks Vodka-Soda


Pay close attention to what your girl orders at a bar, because it can say a lot about her personality. If she’s into vodka-sodas, then you’re in a for a fun ride… buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild one.

What do all vodka-soda drinking girls have in common? A lot of exciting things. Let’s see why you should date a girl who prefers the magical mix of vodka and soda.
1. She LOVES to have fun
Vodka drinkers are the life of the party. They will dance and then get on the bar and dance some more. Never a dull moment with vodka-soda drinkers.
2. She will fit in your circle
If she drinks vodka-soda, she is fun, bubbly and overall pleasant to be around. She can fit in anywhere with ease. You can forget about awkward silences with this girl!
3. She loves the game
“I heard you’re a player. Nice to meet you, I’m the coach.” – is probably the motto of every vodka-soda drinker. You’re going to love it!
4. She loves to talk
Vodka-soda drinkers LOVE to talk about anything. Hours will pass by without you noticing, because you’re having way too much fun together.
5. She’s easy going
You want to go grab a bite at 3am? No problem! You feel like having a last-minute road trip to a random destination? Sure! This girl is down for whatever!
6. She likes to be in shape
Vodka-soda drinkers are convinced that this mix carries the least amount of calories and the most amount of fun. They obviously care about their appearance.
7. She’s straight forward
If she likes you, you’ll know. Vodka-soda drinkers will not beat around the bush, they will get straight to the point.
8. She likes drama
In a good way though. She’ll keep you on your toes, you know? That kind of drama. She will take you on an emotional adventure and you will love every single second of it.
9. She’s a breath of fresh air
She will make everything more exciting. “I can’t get enough of this girl” – is what you’re going to catch yourself thinking. She’s careless and pleasantly different. You’ve been warned.


Source: http://www.mtlblog.com/