“We Can Make a Real Paradise Out of Our Country” Says Professional Photographer Charles Cremona

When a child disassembles a camera to find the secret to the images inside, at the tender age of 8, it is safe to say that child is destined for photographic greatness. Charles Cremona (dangerously close to Charles Camera) was born in Beirut in 1980, since then he has become an extremely talented, extraordinary, and renowned photographer in Lebanon. Along the way Charles picked up a master degree in photography from l’universite du Saint-Esprit-Kaslik, succeeded in making a career in photography under the world of fashion and advertising as well as participated in many exhibitions exposing his work. I saw Charles’ work and was truly taken back. Working in the entertainment industry I see hundreds of photos a day so would like to think I can recognize great work…I saw just that in Charles’ photography. Charles took the time to talk to BNL about his life in photography; here is what he had to say.

Charles when did you start getting into photography?

It all started when I was just about eight years old. I was already taking pictures with a reflex camera.  I was curious and amazed by this object that I dismantled it completely to check and see how it functioned!

What are your favorite things to shoot?

On a commercial level, I am into fashion, portraits and advertising. That’s the “work” side of me. On personal grounds, there’s a different level I go to, it is mostly nude, portrait and conceptual photography.

Who are your inspirations when it comes to photography?

Well actually it is more a “What” than a “Who”, because there are so many things that inspire me rather than just specific people.  I’m inspired by anonymous faces, by women and their mysterious psychology, by movement, by music, and most of all by light. I search light everywhere, how it strikes objects, the shadows that it creates. Light keeps surprising me!

It is difficult to be a photographer in regards to competition?

Not at all. I think competition is what gives sense to life. It makes us all try to get better all the time, on all levels. I would personally be bored if I had no competitors at all!  Besides, artistically speaking, each and every photographer has his own and unique style. It would be only fair to respect them all.

Where can fans view your work?

By visiting my website: www.charlescremona.com, and on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/charlescremonaphotography.

You have a master degree in photography, does it annoy you when others just pick photography up as a hobby and become competitors.

Well, I would only consider professional photographers as competitors. Photography is more than just a hobby, there’s a huge technical part that is not to be neglected. So, amateur photographers are people who only take some nice pictures, and catch, on their cameras, some beautiful moments in life. That’s why they are not the ones to be considered as competitors.

Do you have other hobbies other than photography?

Lots of them! Mostly I love dogs, cinema and music. I am also passionate about single malt whisky, and I am actually learning about wine, which is a very large field that interests me a lot.

Do you go out, where, what clubs?

Yes! I go out a lot but not to packed clubs with really loud music. I am more of a classic pub man, seeking fine drinks and music that’s pleasant to the ears! My favorite pub here in Lebanon is Cayan in Haramiyeh Street Gemmayze.

Do you have any messages for the people of Lebanon?

Enjoy life, have fun and stand against fanaticism and political fights that make people narrow-minded. If we all regard ourselves as just Lebanese, we can make a real paradise out of our country.

I loved getting inside information about this photographer, I urge you to check out his work. Here is a sneak peak…