Waiting For The Storm To Pass!!


Lebanon, we are at the height of what’s being called the “Bride” (or perhaps more accurately, “Bridezilla”) Storm. And that means two things: 1. trying to stay warm and 2. dreams… big white dreams, dreams of beautiful snow peaked mountains, exhilarating flights down the perfect slopes and the absolute best après-ski activities and entertainment.

When the honeymoon with this ice-cold bride is over (and we really can’t wait for it to end, monogamy is not our thing), we are in for one exciting winter. From the famous Faqra and Faraya, to North Lebanon, and anywhere else at high altitude, this is the calm before the REAL storm hits, the storm of fun and games!

From skiing and snowboarding activities and sexy fashion festivals, to steaming hot nights of drinking and dancing, get ready for parties galore up on the country’s coolest peaks. Let’s just say we won’t be leaving the snow as pure as we found it!

Whether you’re snowed in, drenched, or freezing cold right now, just remember that in the dead of winter this storm’s many many massive clouds really do have a silver lining. So save up your energy, stay warm and Beirutnightlife.com will keep you posted about the best amusement on the snowy summits!