From Your TV Screen to the Murex D’or: Joelle Dagher

Brains, beauty, caring, humor, talent…I can go on forever. Of course I am talking about Joelle Dagher, a beloved Lebanese actress who has worked her way from studying Theatre and Acting at the Institute of Fine Arts, to being cast for lead roles in numerous television series and a box office movie. We have fallen in love with Joelle while watching her display amazing talent in her most recent series Bab Idriss (LBC) and Ajyal (MTV)…among others. In the box office hit Cash Flow, we got a taste of Joelle’s bad girl side as she played a money hungry vixen that would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. I am very happy to report that this year Joelle Dagher has been nominated for a Murex D’or, a very prestigious acting award. Joelle is usually at home studying her lines, perfecting a role or can be found at a local coffee shop with friends but she took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down and chat with Below she fills me in on her acting and personal life…and for the record Joelle is truly a delightful person to be around.


It was a big year for you, a few series with very high ratings, a box office movie and now a Murex D’or nomination. How do you feel about this past year and do you think it will be hard to top next year?

Thankfully, for me every year is better than the year before it. From series to series I am becoming more mature, because of that more opportunities are coming my way. In year 2011 I accomplished many things such as filming full seasons of Luna, Ajyal, Bab Idriss and the movie Cash Flow. It seemed the audiences really liked me. Fans are now waiting for me to star in bigger roles, because of this I feel I have more responsibility to choose roles wisely and to only move forward in regards to my acting.

Speaking of Murex D’or, are you nervous or excited? How does is feel to be nominated?

I truly believe that I have already received a prize, which is love from the audiences and fans. From one series to another I am feeling this love more and more. I also feel I received a prize from my professors who have praised my work as well as the press who have written very nice things about my work and myself. But for sure, if I win the Murex D’or I would be very excited and happy to have it. I see it as a very important award that will give me a push to be better and better. If I didn’t receive the award it will be ok because this is the beginning of my career and there are actors who have been in the profession for a while, who also deserve the honor. In my opinion every actor nominated deserves it.

When you have time off of your busy schedule, what do you do for fun?

Because my profession is time consuming and a bit tiring my time is mostly spent away from people and I don’t have much time to myself. Because of this I take advantage of my breaks and time off to concentrate on things I love to do and myself. During this time I spend all my days with my close friends and most of all my family.

What are your favorite nightspots in Lebanon?

Actually, I don’t go out very often. Nightlife isn’t my forte but if I do I go out its once or twice a week. When I go out my focus isn’t so much on the place but more so on my company. Of course I prefer classy spots where I know there is a quality to the place and the people who attend.

If you didn’t live in this country, where would you live?

I would love to travel and visit countries around the world and get to know different lifestyles, cultures and of course visit historical landmarks but to be honest I could never live anywhere else but Lebanon.

Joelle’s Picks:

Favorite TV station in Lebanon – I can’t single out a station I like the best or one I dislike because I honestly enjoy different series on numerous stations. To me, it is more about the show than the station. As an actress I can say it isn’t my decision what station my series lands on, as it is the producers.

Favorite Actor or Actress – I would have to say my favorite actress is Monica Bellucci and actor George Clooney.

Favorite Pub – Havana and Livic’s

Favorite Designer – Elie Saab and Zuhair Mrad

A message to Lebanon from Joelle Dagher:

Lebanon is a small country but its spirit is vast. Everyone is jealous of you and are watching you Lebanon, but no one has succeeded or will succeed in taking you. I love you Lebanon.