Trance Master Tryambaka has “High Expectations” for Lebanon…

If you are into Trance you may have heard music from the man they call Tryambaka. If you haven’t heard his work, well what are you waiting for?! Tiago Coelho Pimentel, who is Tryambaka, connected with music at a very young age. Starting off his love for composition with Classical music, he then transitioned to Electronic and more specifically his artistic culture, performing at many events and psychedelic parties. He has a true nocturnal style very unique in regards to Electronic music. His sound is nothing less than intense and now trance fans of Lebanon will soon experience the Tryambaka sound. From Portugal, he will touch down in Lebanon to perform at the 3 day BaoBab Psychedelic Trance Festival, which will be held at Baisour Country Club, towards Souk El Ghareb. The journey runs from June 21st-24th, but caught up with Tryambaka before the show….

I hear this is your first time in Lebanon…Do you have any expectations regarding the country and the event?

Yes, this is my first time in Lebanon. I’m expecting a great event and to feel the so often talked about Lebanese welcoming feeling!

What can the event guests and fans expect from you?

They can expect me giving it all I have to make this a memorable experience for both fans and myself. Old and well-known music, balanced out with new stuff from my upcoming 3rd album.

How do you describe your music? What does it represent?

My music is aimed to dig deep inside. I try to put my personality in a different perspective, in each and every piece I work on. I guess in the end it reflects my life and me.

Do you have any influences when it comes to music? 

Yes sure, I’m influenced from all sorts of music… from classical to punk and metal… Whatever hits my ears and sparkles a feeling inside, whether calm or exciting.

When you are not concentrating on your music, what do you do on the time off?

I try to spend the little free time I have with my family. They are what keep me inspired!

You tour to numerous places all over the world for shows, do you have a favorite place to perform?

South Africa (so far… Hehehehe).

Do you think Psychedelic Trance is loved all over the world, or are there some areas you find are not as interested in that type of music?

Subcultures will appear everywhere. The intensity will depend on the need/opportunity for it to rise.

What does the future hold for Trambaka?

Well, I can only hope for more of what has been comming my way. I’m very thankfull for lady luck smiling at me and my life!

Quick Questionnaire: When you see the world what is the first thing that comes to your mind..

Music: Passion
Life: Inspiration
Love: Family
Trance: Work
Lebanon: High expectations

Any last words for the fans coming to the event?

Come and let’s have a real good time! One we can remember for a long long time!