TOP Five themes for Halloween Costumes

What will you be wearing on Trick-or-Treat night? It’s Halloween and the rising popularity of this event in Lebanon has become obvious – with parties all across town and special themed nights at local bars and pubs, the pressure is on to look your best on Halloween. did some research and came up with five themes of what the world might be wearing on Halloween 2011 and the reasons why…Lets start!

1-Angry Birds

It comes as no surprise that Angry birds costume is a popular choice among many worldwide. According to google, people’s favorite bird comes in first place as the most-searched for Halloween costumes.

2-Movie Characters

Black Swan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter… are some of the most possible costumes people will be wearing. These movies have been a great hit in 2011 and dressing up as one of your favorite characters is fun and artistic.

3- Super Heroes

Dressing up like your favorite super hero will never go out of style. Superman, Spiderman, Captain America among others are always a favourite each Halloween and they are not expected to go out of style any year soon.


The release of “The Walking Dead” and video games with zombies in it inspired Hollywood and pop-culture for the costume this Halloween.

5- Important Dead Figures

Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs and even Muammar Gaddafi could be seen swarming around your Halloween parties this year… they are popular – although very different, their names are all over the news and are attractive to be them… maybe you get a few female bodyguards to follow you around as Gaddafi.