Top Ten: Beirut Night Life’s Resolutions For 2011’s Resolutions for 2011: will continue to be the number one digital medium in Lebanon for 2011.

  1. iBNL is a first of its kind project that was launched by in December 2010. It is a chance for you to participate with your videos; hence, your experiences in Beirut’s fabulous clubs. This way, you can play a part in showing the world our cool, trendy, and fun Lebanon; pushing Lebanon’s tourism even further. We will continue to be interactive with our readers by making our information sharing a two-way process.
  2. With a single click,, find out all you need to know about what’s hot on the Lebanese scene. Whether it’s clubs, bars, restaurants, resorts, festivals, events, touristic sites, music, movies, fashion, cultural, technologies, etc. We will take you behind the scenes of the hospitality and entertainment industries, bringing to you the places and faces that are making it all happen.
  3. will let you know everything you need to know regarding new bars and restaurants, events, launchings, before anyone else. Our regular readers will always be the first to know and up –to-date.
  4. will continue to be Lebanon’s go-to-guide for clubbers in and out of the country who are looking for a great time. We will let you know what’s hot at the moment; the best clubs and bars to go to, and when to go to them.
  5. will provide you with the most thorough reviews for the best restaurants across the country so that you’re never confused the next time you have a craving for a certain cuisine.
  6. will keep you updated on all cultural events and aspects in Lebanon. After all, Lebanon is a very cultural country with deep heritage and BNL will continue to cover every cultural event and bring it to you first. You will be the first to know about new artists and talents from all around the country.
  7. will always offer the latest news in fashion; about seasonal trends, colors, shows, hot new designers – both international and Lebanese, and store openings.
  8. will always highlight and inform you about Lebanon’s little treasures; the shops, cafes, and areas that are absolutely charming but hidden in Lebanon’s corners.
  9. will be a meeting point for free-spirited Lebanese bloggers and writers, with a passion to express their ideas through writing; thus, showing the world a strong, open-minded, and free-speaking Lebanon.
  10. will continue to be synonymous with entertainment. We will be in every club, every event, interviewing every DJ and bringing you what no one else can bring: fast and complete coverage.

Our readers will always be our most important asset and priority. Your feedback is what is important. In 2011, we expect to receive more feedback, whether it’s good or bad, so that we can continue improving and providing you with what you want. wishes you and your loved ones a great 2011 – set it off with a blast, Beirut style!