Top seven ice cream Spots in Beirut: Refresh, Restart!

Summer time and the living is easy! Another excuse to indulge in the summer best treats (drum roll) Ice cream ?

From my discoveries, I compiled to you a list of the top seven best spots in Beirut:

1- Al Intabli: yes, it tops the list: fresh ingredients, generous portions and all served with a smile! You can choose from their oriental or Italian flavors, even better mix both worlds!


2- Helado, Si Signore! The not so Mexican very creative flavors ever: from halawa to dried figs you would need dozens of visits just to taste all their available flavors!


3- Frooza: landing all the way from the boards of the Seine to you! Pick your flavor and watch it rolled and shaped for you: a smooth taste that melts in your mouth while keeping the calories balance on check!


4- Shakeaway: yay, the London famous brand is now available in Beirut souks, such a creative concept where you can mix and match ANY ingredient you have in mind, bonus: if your mix got famous it can even figure on their menu under your name! Finally we can indulge in some decent non fat frozen yogurt!


5- Sea sweet: Wide display of oriental and Italian ice cream served in generous portions; now you can have more than just Knefe!


6- Orso bianco: This tiny shop on Mar Mitr street Achrafieh has gained its place with natural ingredients and home made ice cream, sorbets and cakes!


7- Cafe Younes: Yes, it sounds unusual maybe, but they do have rich flavored ice cream: fond of their cinnamon flavor, give it a try!


What are your favorite spots?

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