Tomorrow JIM BEAM ROCKS for Peace, Music, Life and Lebanon!


The band members of The Rasmus have arrived in Lebanon, JIM BEAM ROCKS will go on as planned tomorrow night, and our summer will not be taken away from us!

It’s easy to be negative and to give up, to be a victim and to be overpowered. In Lebanon we have witness tragedies, and we have overcome them, and while our hearts are heavy, our spirits are not broken. We are united for Lebanon and for the things we love and believe in most. We believe in peace, love and unity, and in music, culture and talent.

Friday night’s massive Jim Beam Rocks event is the perfect opportunity to show your support for what you really love and show the world the true face of Lebanon. While outsiders may wonder, we the Lebanese know that we are much more than what the media portrays, and we must prove to the outside world that Lebanon is for life, solidarity and music.

Tomorrow, let’s make history for all the right reasons and unite for Lebanon. The incredible international rock star band The Rasmus, alongside 9 of our own most talented bands will be taking the stage at La Marina Joseph Khoury, Dbayeh for a truly historic event.  Let’s come together for our mutual love of life, music, and Lebanon. Let’s join forces on Friday night and rock like we’ve never rocked before!