All Seeing Owl: It Takes One To Know One…


We are the all-seeing owl. An omni-retina that locates and exposes the rock bottom state that the people in our country have reached, the abducted rights, the abused privileges and above all, the forever declining sense of humanity

It Takes One To Know One…

We have all been in a “double standards” situation. Sometimes we suffered from it and at some other times practiced it ourselves. It’s not always easy to practice what you preach, but this “boumeh” sure tries its best. Sad but true, I came to realize that we live in a society that thrives and grows on gossip and blabber as its daily bread and butter. For some reason, we seem to have lost track of the whole concept of “personal space and privacy”. We justify those actions with all sorts of useless arguments and loops. I’m not referring to the journalism field, but more to the day to day social networks and encounters, the human bonds that links our lives aspects and shades.

I came to realize that instead of seeking one’s “self improvement”, a person is more likely to work on bashing other’s achievements or reputation in order to outrun them in whatever they seek. Should we mourn creativity, innovation and progress already? Have we become that dependent and lazy? We justify our actions no matter how destructive they can get, while we raise hell if we get a taste of our own medicine? Hypocrisy and selfishness have infested our modern day society. Solidarity and mutual benefit are concepts that were laid to rest with our fossil ancestors long ago.

I long for the days where social ties were still alive. The days where unexpected house visits from friends and family were possible. The days where you didn’t need to set an appointment a week ahead with a friend to catch up over a coffee. The days where people were people and not potential benefits. I miss the human side of what has become a source of mutual interest. It has been said that we got so caught up in making a living that we forgot how to live and make a life.

We need to smile more often and to random strangers. We need to search and find our inner passions. We need to call the people that we miss and hold the ones that we love and care for. We need to take a leap and meet new people. We need to stop being afraid of what’s out there. I need to feel alive again. I need to feel that we still have a chance for a better society. This “boumeh” is longing for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where our community can express its true human nature, where apathy and indifference are no longer existent. A tomorrow where creativity, innovation and prosperity are the outcome of pro-active thinking. A tomorrow where each and everyone of us is there for their fellow Man to support in hard times and celebrate with in moments of glory.

It sure takes one to know one, and I’m no different from any of you. We should not expect the change, we should be the change.

Forever Seeing…