Still No Plans For Valentine’s Day?


If you’re still scrambling around for a decent date idea for Valentine’s Day (which, not to put more pressure, but just so you know, is tomorrow!) we’re here to save you. Whatever your budget and preferred activities,  here are some ideas on how to spend VDay with your sweetie this year:


fancy-date-mainFancy Dinner Date

What better occasion to have a fancy dinner than the day of love? It gives you the chance to dress up, look your best, and knock the socks off your date! If you need some ideas of where to go, check out our To Do List.





UntitledSexy Party

Some party animals just want to have a wild night out with their hot Valentine! We’ve got plenty of happenin’ party options for you right here. Dress to impress and you’ll definitely spark their interest. Then get down and dirty on the dance floor!










Night In

You don’t have to celebrate your love by going out and spending money. If you’re not into the fancy shmancy and dancy prancy, stay in with your sweetie and celebrate the night together. You can cook together and then taste your kitchen experiments, rent a romantic DVD, or cuddle by the fire with a bottle of wine while staring into each other’s dreamy eyes.





valentines-day-brunchBreakfast in Bed

Ladies tend to do the cooking, but what a fabulous surprise to wake up on Valentine’s Day to a perfect meal prepared by your man! It’s surely an amazing way to start the day. Men, whether it’s a fancy Champagne brunch or a couple of heart-shaped pieces of toast, the woman in your life will love the idea of you pampering her first thing in the morning.






Nature lovers can plan to be in the wild on Valentine’s Day, with some optional class. You can go on a stroll or a nice drive in a pretty area and then pick the perfect spot to lay out a meal. Go all out with some wine, fruit and cooked delicacies brought from home or go a little more casual with some sandwiches. The fresh air, beautiful views and lovely one-on-one time will be a day to remember!







urlChocolate Day

Since chocolate and Valentine’s Day are synonymous, make the whole day about chocolate!  Plan to go to a few place (it doesn’t really matter where, get creative…) and everywhere you show up, offer your sweetie a yummy piece of chocolate. They’ll love the delicious idea!






Recreate Your First Date

For the real romantics that have been together for a while, recreate your first date to bring back some beautiful memories. Take them to the place you met or had your first date, buy them the same kind of flowers or gift. It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you bring back those amazing memories and butterflies of first love.










Get Engaged!

If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, then do as Nike says and Just Do It! Some might want to plan the evening perfectly, but you can also have a spontaneous proposal and start your way to “happily ever after”…