Rick De La Croix founder of Bomberg speaks to BNL


Why did the founders decide to create a new brand of watches in market that already has lots of brands? What was the inspiration?

We are inspired by creativity and innovation of designing watches that have to become objects of desire and talking pieces within an affordable luxury price segment. Our target clientele is a sophisticated consumer of international fashion and lifestyle dependent and influenced on information from social media.

We were inspired to create new products for this trend setting segment, which we felt, had been ignored by the traditional companies. The buyers were not being addressed by the product offering nor influenced by the communication of these brands. Many of these segment consumers were actually no longer wearing buying watches and it was our desire to focus on this segment.


What are some of the features that make Bomberg watches really stand out?

Our last two collections have been successful due to their originality and uniqueness in their design. Our first collection 1968 is asymmetrical with an ergonomic shape to perfectly fit the wrist. The 68 BOLT is a patented creation, which is a multi functional timepiece that can convert itself from wristwatch to a pocket watch. Both of these designs have the pushers and crowns at 12 o’clock in what is known as bullhead style used by a number of brands in the early seventies.


How have you incorporated pop-culture into the designs?

A watch in todays world (where time and precision is best taken from a cell phone) has to be designed to trends and desires and whilst we talk to the masses we are still searching for the niche of buyers interested in standing out from the crowd. We target the social leaders not the followers. Bomberg is not for everyone’s taste it’s a timepiece that has be wanted as part of a demanding personalities wardrobe.


What are the challenges of being a “young” company amidst lots of long-standing brands?

To be different is the challenge demanding incessant creativity and good taste to challenge the mundane world of boring timepieces where consumers todays are no longer feeling that the watch is bringing them the social status of yester years…


Are there any advantages of being such a new brand? Do you think being new helps you have a “cooler” image?

To survive as a young company is the daily challenge proving to our customers and consumer that we have the strength and resources to continually be trend setting with creative newness. Cool is a dangerous word often connected to fashion ‘cool comes and it goes’. Bomberg is not that. We want to be seen as a brand that is continually provoking interest and desire yet considered sophisticated and consistent in our offering.


How have people reacted to the brand since its launch?

We have opened 20 plus markets around the world notably most of the Middle East where there has been a strong demand for the product. We are very protective of our brand and we are selective and demanding of new market openings. The brand has a specific personality and this must be reflected by its presence in a retail store, as it must by the service we offer the consumer. A Bomberg customer becomes a family member upon purchase and this means dedication to assuring commitment to the after service for every timepiece we sell.

What is the typical personality of the Bomberg watch wearer? Who are you aiming for?

A Bomberg consumer has the personality of not being afraid of change…. Our products are different and we aim with our communication – service and product to identify ourselves to those who wish to reflect social status via their watch and what is stands for. We want exclusivity and uniqueness to be part of what the consumer buys as well as reflecting via our branding that we are for those who are not scared to disrupt the comfort zone of the horology world.