All Seeing Owl: The Movie Theaters Con


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The Movie Theaters Con…

In every civilized society, the recreational aspect of the citizen’s life is well looked after, almost as much as the health and safety matters. It is necessary that a citizen leads a balanced lifestyle in order to maximize on the productivity and progress of the community that one is part of.

Some of the major recreational facilities that one can find in almost every city, are the movie theatres. Being an avid film enthusiast myself, I try to stay up to date with all the new releases, watch as many good ones as I can and enjoy the over all experience of actually going to the theatre.

However, lately I came to realize that even the movie theatres, which should be accessible to the majority of the masses, has become a delicacy affordable by the ever shrinking few. I went to watch a movie with some friends the other day, and as usual after purchasing our tickets, we went to get our popcorn and drinks and what so ever. Seriously people have you paid attention to those prices? A box of popcorn for 8000 L.L? A soft drink for 7000 L.L? A Small orange juice (150ml) for 6000 L.L? Did you guys know that if you go to the supermarket and buy 8000L.L worth of popcorn and pop them yourself you can actually provide for a movie theatre’s demand of 15 days? It’s a total rip off and that is to say the least.

So if this boumeh would like to take his sexy “boumette” on a date I will have to pay 24000L.L for the tickets, 16000L.L for the popcorn, 14000 L.L for the soft drinks, and throw in a couple of bottles of water for 8000L.L,  so the bill for a movie will round up to approximately 50 bucks , and you still didn’t go out for dinner or drinks.

Now the question here should be, what is the role of the Ministry of Economy in general and the Consumer Protection Division in particular? How can they monitor and control those random and arbitrary prices? Who is responsible for the constant rip off that the private sector owned theatres are practicing on the public? If a couple have to pay around 50$ for a movie outing, what would a family of 4 do? And on top of that, they take away the 3D glasses they made you pay for in the first place! The Nerves!!!

This boumeh would like you all to join the flow and speak up in the face of everything that is abusive, decadent, monopolizing, corrupted and still living to spread its vile.



Forever Seeing…