Next Lebanese Parliament: Lara K, Myriam Klink & Nathalie Fadlallah


Most of the Lebanese have been hearing the news reports about the new candidates for the next Parliment. The first to announce her plans to get into politics was the renowned Lebanese model Nathalie Fadlallah, she actually hinted on possibility of becoming a President?!?


Then came another model, the one and only, the talk of the town, the Queen of “Klinkistan”, wherever this is located, Myriam Klink who is serious about taking part in the next elections. But the shocking move and reports came after the announcement made by the controversial model/singer Lara K, and her plans to be a Lebanese MP..


So a parliament with three models… hmmmmmmm…. BNL’ers we will not comment on this, we will leave it to you to give them a piece of your mind…