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There is one thing that goes hand in hand with Night Life, and to go even further, and with life itself. That one this is music. The music world is vast and to me seems endless. On a weekly basis I attend clubs, pubs and events that fill my ears with melodies. It is always a great thing to expand your music library. Whether you are a DJ, a rock-star, an industry professional or more importantly a true fan of music, coming across new solid tunes is more then a pleasure.

Every week I post a list of 10 new artists or songs to check out, in hopes to share my music library with fellow BNLer’s.

Feel free to leave comments regarding my suggestions or your own music suggestions in the comment box below. 

1. (What’s the Story) Morning Glory: Oasis – Oasis are legends in their own right. The band has sold countless amounts of records, put on awesome live shows and have always kept their rock star bad attitudes. This is defiantly a must have Oasis album. My favorite tracks; Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back in Anger, Cast No Shadow and Champagne Supernova.







2. Love is HellRyan Adams – Ryan Adams, not to be confused with Bryan Adams, is a musical genius. He is a true master of art and puts out albums that you can truly feel. Ryan puts out so many albums it is almost hard to keep track but every single one is amazing. Love is Hell Part 1 & 2 are incredible. Listen to Ryan Adams when you are relaxing at home.








3. My Way the Best Of: Frank Sinatra – “Ol’ Blue Eyes” was, is and always will be a legend. His voice is incredible and will always put you in a great mood. Romantics will definitely fall in love with Frank and his music.







4. Cave In: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Progressive Rock…whatever genre people want to call them this band is killer. Cave In is a band for fans of music such as Quicksand, Botch and Trap Them, which all are also bands people into heavy rock music should be very familiar with.







5. Beyonce: It might look odd for Beyonce to come after Cave In a music list but that is the beauty of music. All genres are full of talent and most of all great music. Beyonce is a young woman who is extremely talented. Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer etc. Beyonce knows music. The hits she puts out proves just that. If you like Hip-Hop, R&B or just like to dance you gotta love Beyonce.







6. The Best Of: Andrea Bocelli – An Italian Tenor with an unbelievable voice. Andrea is a multi-instrumentalist and a classical crossover mastermind. Dim the lights, grab a glass of wine and relax to the music of Bocelli. Also great music for lovely dinners.








7. Black Flag: Black Flag is punk rock. On top of being one of the first hardcore punk bands to come out, the band really stuck to the non-conformist, anti-authority which gave them 100% respect and credibility from fans. The names of members like Greg Ginn and Henry Rollins are celebrated in the punk rock word, and for good reason.








8. Pumped Up Kicks: Foster The People – Foster the People weren’t really recognized much but now everyone can say they know at least one song from the band. This song, by the Indie Pop band, is just plain catchy and fun. It’s been circulating in clubs, and on radio stations for a while now. You may not know that you know this band but listen to the song I am sure you will recognize it. I suggest giving their other songs a shot as well.







9. The Score: The Fugees – A must have album in your collection. Members Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel are also well known separately but when they come together as the Fugees they hit a higher level. The Score is a solid Hip-Hop album. Highlight tracks are Fu-Gee-La, Killing me Softly and Ready or Not.








10. Set Your Goals: A band that combines Pop Punk, Melodic Hardcore, and Rapping, then adding in their awesome personalities, hilarious antics and great stage presence to put on great live shows. This band is more than hard working. Always on the go, on tour, promoting and more, their fans really appreciate the work they put into the music they put out. Definitely a fun band to check out.