Lethal Skillz: “Devotion & discipline will get you anywhere”

Now a days it seems as though people are under the impression that anyone can grab equipment and learn how to be a good DJ over night. While it is true that with the proper training one can learn to put together beats and songs but to become a true professional takes lots of time, talent and most of all effort. DJ Lethal Skillz is one of those true professionals. LS is not only a DJ but also a producer (of albums and videos) as well as a music tutor. Of course, Lethal Skillz can also set a club on fire! Lethal Skillz strives to reach higher levels in music. He has two full-length albums under his belt, World Disorder and KarmaGeddon, both of which include some of the best beats produced by this Lebanese phenomenon. LS has collaborated or performed along side huge names such as M-1 (Dead Prez), Rob Swift, Pitbull, Missy Eliot, 50 Cent and more. Lethal Skillz continues to make Lebanon proud with his killer style and turntable talent. The artistic DJ/Producer took the time out to chat with BeirutNightLife.com….


How did you get your start DJing and where do you currently spin now?

My musical journey goes back to when I was a little kid sittin’ in shelters with my mom and dad in Beirut, during the first Israel invasion to Lebanon around 1982. The parents used to play music for us in the shelters to help us ignore the sound of war upstairs. This impacted me throughout my entire life. I’m 36 years now but started at the age of 11, as a school DJ using tapes at that time. I then went on to house parties and radio. I worked at a pirate radio station called U.F.O on 107.7FM. There I loved droppin’ Old School & French Hip-Hop on Friday’s, despite the fact it was a rock station. At the age of 15 I used to slip in from back doors of clubs, as I was too young at the time to enter or work in a club. From there it elevated until I became a Turntablist, learning the art form of using the turntables to manipulate the music and express myself.

Currently I am a resident DJ at White House (Sodeco). I have my night every Wednesday called “Run This Town” w/ DJ Lethal Skillz. You can also find me playing at several musical festivals and at some of my sponsor campaigns such as Skull Candy, Red Bull etc…


What is the most difficult thing about being a DJ?      

If you truly love something, are passionate about it and can maintain discipline and devotion then the “sky is the limit…” Anyone’s claim is a DJ nowadays, the challenge is to maintain mastering your art, to stand out and to always be prepared to rock any kind of crowd in any situation.


Lebanon is known for partying do you find it easier to DJ here because people are always ready to have a good time?

Lebanon is great when it comes to nightlife, especially because lots of Lebanese who left the country because of war came back, so we have a wide range of crowds when it comes to music styles. I always love to rock the parties for people who are well educated musically and appreciate the good stuff. I don’t like it when you have stiff crowd who don’t react much to music. Clubs are there to dance and have fun and to forget the stress of the day.


Which are your favorite clubs in Lebanon?    

For me personally a good DJ, good music and a good crowd make my night. When all these elements unite it doesn’t matter which club. Despite that being said my favorite spot in Lebanon is DRM (Hamra).


What music/artist are you listening to most these days?

Being a DJ and producer listening to music is a daily routine. I love to listen to all kinds of music to elevate my ears and select good stuff for when I’m on duty rocking the crowd or while I make music. I’ve been diggin’ J Cole out of the mass of new stuff… check out his “Who Dat” and bump your head to it.


Do you have any influences when it comes to your work?

J Dilla, DJ Premiere, DJ Q-bert for scratching and DJ Cut Killer for rockin’ a party.


What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ?

Educate yourself musically and master your technical skills. Devotion and discipline will get you anywhere you want and most importantly don’t copy cat, develop your own style and stand out.

Any last words or messages for the people of Lebanon?

United We Conquer, Rock On!

And one Last note: You can find my (new) second album, entitled “Karmageddon“, at all Virgin Megastores, support your local artists!!!

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Lebanon: Wasta
Music: Habibi
Party: Day and Night
Drink: Almaza
DJ: Sweet Little DJ (R.I.P)
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