Where to Feast on Chocolate in Beirut?!


Now that Lent is over, chocolate is back on the menu for the many people that had chosen to fast. It’s definitely been a difficult 40 days but the hard part is over and now you deserve a treat! The toughest thing to do now is decide what luscious choco-heavenliness to indulge in! Here are the top 5 places we’ve chosen for having the most out-of-this-world chocolate in town. From simple dark chocolate to gourmet delicacies with all kinds of pizzazz, prepare for a chocofest with the right goodies!


Synonymous with chocolate, Patchi was started by a passionate and fascination Lebanese chocolate lover with a sweet tooth, and has now grown to have more than 140+ boutiques in 23 different countries. With a massive selection of chocolate varieties, it’s also the go-to for pure chocolate lovers.

Locations: Beirut, Dbayeh, Hazmieh, Kaslik, Kornet Chehwan, Ksara, Saida, Tripoli, Zalka, Zgharta

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Around since the 1960s, the boutique chocolate maker Nougatini has a delectable collection of chocolates that will have you licking your fingers and savoring every bite. Their rich selections and beautiful designs are what make the boutique chocolatier one-of-a-kind and to-die-for.

Locations: Hamra and Ashrafieh

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The French chocolate maker is world renowned for its divine chocolates (not to mention desserts!) It’s been around since 1886, and has some of the most luxurious and beautiful creations around. With Fauchon chocolates there’s something to celebrate on any day, and especially Easter.

Location:  Gouraud Street, Gemmayzeh


It’s been around for ages and when you taste the famous chocolates and sweets at Noura you’ll know why the pastry shop has been such as success for so long. The unique creations are baked traditionally and satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. It’s the place real Beirutis go for their chocolate fix.

Locations: Sassine Square, Sioufi Ashrafieh


Its original branch in Bikfaya, as well as the famous and probably more convenient patisserie in Antelias serve up a yummy variety of chocolates for all tastes. The must-try delicacies range in flavor and form but always satisfy the most intense of cravings.

Locations: Bikfaya, Antelias

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