In Lebanon, Beach PLEASE!


The sun is good for you and it’s proven to make you happy, and in Lebanon we’re lucky enough to have plenty of it. Now that it’s peak time to look bronzed and chill out in the sunshine, we’re heading to the beach as often as we possibly can! You can enjoy the weekend sun (or weekday, if you’re lucky enough!) in style at one of the many resorts right on the amazing blue Mediterranean Sea in Lebanon. Check out our picks for this year’s hottest resorts to tan, cool off and have fun in the sun!


One of the trendiest resorts in Beirut Riviera Beach Lounge is known for its party atmosphere and hot summer vibes. The beautiful whites and blues of the decor, the party pool, as well as the exclusive VIP areas with Jacuzzis and stunning sea views all make Riviera one of the most happening beach clubs in the country. Located right in the middle of Beirut on the seaside strip, the gorgeous beach lounge is a destination for Beirut’s trendy crowd. The bar is always stocked and the drinks are flowing, and the people come dressed for the occasion. If you get hungry, Riviera also has restaurants including te island bar and restaurant, pool bar and restaurants for seafood and international cuisine. Riviera is the place to see and be seen in the summer!



It’s definitely an experience. With pure white all around you and the seductive stretch of sandy beach at your toes, this is one beach resort to savor all summer long. Located in Jiyeh, just 25 minutes south of Beirut, Orchid is the perfect location for an amazing, luxurious day in the sun, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There’s a pool in the middle of the action and lots of luxurious private areas with Jacuzzis and exclusive areas, as well as stretches of grass and devine dining options. It’s the perfect resort for the perfect Lebanese summer day.


Edde Sands

Up north in the history city of Byblos are the spectacular grounds of Eddé Sands. It’s one of the biggest and most renowned resorts in the country, known for its diversity. It’s perfect for any age range and for a multitude of activities for its selective guests. Eddé Sands boasts beautiful buildings, green grass areas and stretches stunning landscape. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it there: a beautiful cascade of pools, long stretch of sandy beach, private bungalows, a hotel and several delicious restaurants, as well as a fun bar area for parties. Eddé Sands is the place to be every summer.




One of the newest and most luxurious resorts around is the Praia Beach Resort in Zouk Mosbeh. A sun-seeking, fun-loving, and bathing-suit-clad crowd enjoyed different parts of the resort this weekend, from the sandy beach, to the beautiful pool, exclusive Jacuzzi area and the private areas with pergolas and Jacuzzis.


Lazy B

This is definitely the most conducive resort to spending a lazy day at the beach. From the pools, beach beds, bungalows  to the inviting stretch of sand and natural pool in the sea, Lazy B is a popular hotspot for those who really want to spend a relaxing day in the sun. Located on the picturesque stretch of sand in Jyeh, you’ll feel you’ve been transported to an exclusive island with simplicity, minimalism and fresh colors. What makes the friendly resort most appealing is the warm atmoshpere, delicious food and comfortable vibe of happiness. For a laid back day in the sun, come to Lazy B!

La Plage

A glamorous little oasis right in the middle of Beirut’s Minet el Hosn, La Plage is a devine experience centered around an intimate pool and a fabulous view of the Mediterranean. You’ll feel like you’re in St. Tropez, with the  Beiruti crowd spending time in a lavish atmosphere under the beautiful Lebanese sun. There’s a mouthwatering selection at the seafront restaurant, making the whole La Plage experience one to really take in this summer. For a truly dazzling summer day, there’s nothing like La Plage.