Jyad El Murr- On going Events, His Thoughts and More

Jyad El Murr has been extremely busy this year with organizing big events and concerts for Lebanon. His latest was the NRJ Music Tour 2011 which saw a huge success. Beirutnightlife talks to the man of the hour about his experiences as well as his thought in general.

Tell us about your reaction on the this years NRJ Music Tour…

Well it was much better than expected, audience wise, but the 120 security personnel got overwhelmed. We had some security problems.

Like what?

People going from one section to the other and artists asking everyone to go up on stage with them etc…

But still everyone is talking about this event – the biggest this year and most successful so far.

Yes, I am happy for that. Catering to teens was a big success this year. Most of the events that took place in 2011 really attracted a huge percentage of teenagers who want to come and party while watching their favorite bands perform live.  I really think that the market is for teens, one should not underestimate their needs and likes.

So have u started on next years?

No, in a few months. But we are writing down all things to arrange for next year. We have bigger plans for next year’s edition. The number one thing on the list is definitely to triple the security.

Also we will change bars locations, because it was too crowded in the middle.

What’s the thing you would like to ask people in general?

Not to try to go from one section to the other. There are limits in numbers in each section. First it’s dangerous and second its not nice for others who have paid and are supposed to be seated properly in their chairs.

I also think that people should buy tickets way ahead of time, a month before the event, so we can prepare the venue better without being faced with last minute surprises.

You did a lot of events this year, which was your favorite?

30 Seconds to Mars – I love the band and enjoyed it a lot.

Which bands would you love see come to Lebanon?

I would love to see many performers, like U2, Madonna, and Lady Gaga etc. But these artists are too expensive to bring to Lebanon. The country is too small and the needs for creating such an event are massive. I think I would go for Iron Maiden and The Muse. I love these two rock bands.

You work in NRJ, MTV, and 2U2C Productions among other jobs. Where do you see yourself?

Honestly NRJ is my baby. But overall, I enjoy it all as I think each one compliments the other.

You love rock music; do you see yourself managing some of the local rock bands?

Why not? If I have the right band with the right talent, I would for sure.

What r u working on now?

We still have three events still this year. The Rock Festival; French artist, Frederick Francois’ and Serj Tankian with Classical Orchestra.

Stay Tuned…