Is the #TwizzlerChallenge About to Take Over?

Rihanna and Jimmy Kimmel

Hey, remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It was the philanthropic craze that likely took over your Facebook feed for the better part of last Summer, and loads of celebrities were getting in on it. Well, a new year brings a new social media trend, and this time, it involves Twizzlers. The rules are similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge in that you share a video of yourself via social media and nominate friends (or frenemies), who can then choose to either do the stunt or donate to NYC4A, which funds and creates schools, programs, and services for people with autism across the nation. April also happens to be Autism Awareness Month, and Rihanna and Jimmy Kimmel kicked things off with their intimate kiss on an episode of his show.

Listen, we love the #TwizzlerChallenge: the guidelines are clear, it’s bringing awareness to a great cause, and you get to eat! But the act can easily become awkward if you don’t necessarily want to kiss the person you were nominated with — or if you’re more of a Red Vines person. Stay tuned to find out if it becomes as huge of a phenomenon as last year’s ice bucket craziness.