“I have amazing respect for the people of Lebanon” says NRJ Music Tour 2012 Aritst Chris Willis

The NRJ Music Tour 2012 is packed full of talented artists that shine and one of these incredible artists just so happens to be American singer-songwriter and producer Chris Willis. We have been hearing Chris’ hot tracks, “Getting’ Over You”, “Just a Little More Love” “Love Is Gone” all which were created with DJ producer extraordinaire David Guetta, being played on radio and TV airwaves all over the world but now music fans of Lebanon will have the chance to catch this true talent live. In just a few days, July 7th at the Forum De Beirut, Chris Willis will rock the stage at the NRJ Music Tour 2012! But before he does that BeirutNightLife.com caught up with the artist to get to know more about Chris, in this exclusive pre-show interview. Here’s the inside scroop directly from Chris Willis himself….

Is this your first time in Beirut?

I have been to Beirut two times before and was really amazed with the love from the fans when I’ve played at Sky Bar!  I have amazing respect for the people of Lebanon who have endured incredible conflict over the years and always feel honored to share songs of love with them and the hope that peace in their homeland will prevail.

How do you feel being a part of such a big show? Are there any artists you are happy to see, share the stage with?

I am really excited to play the NRJ Music Tour in Beirut! I love Kerli and know her personally. Sean Kingston! Wow! What a star. Many of the other artists I will be seeing for the first time. It will be an incredible honor to share the stage with all these great artists.

What can the fans in Lebanon expect in regards to your show?

I am looking forward to an incredible show with the fans. My show is somewhat interactive, because I always love it if when the people in the audience know the song, they are always unashamed to sing  out loud, right along with me. I give everything I’ve got on stage. So the energy I put out will be as high as always. I am looking for this to be a night to remember!

What do you expect from your fans in Lebanon?

I am sure the people at the show in Lebanon are prepared to show their love to all of the artist, and have an explosive good time. I look forward to riding on the wave of their incredible energy for as long as I’m on stage for them!

Tell us about working with David Guetta? You have a handful of hits how was the recording/production process?

Working with David has always been an incredible education. He pushed my in ways that have left their mark like no other collaboration in my world ever has. The production process was so freeing and affirming for me.  David and Joachim Garraud really trusted me when it came to writing melodies and lyrics to compliment their incredible tracks. They were always honest with me if I sang or wrote a lyric that didn’t have mass appeal. My taste has been refined because their taste is so refined but edgy at the same time. I learned to appreciate my strengths as a singer and song writer. I had an inside seat to what it’s like to make music that appeals to the chic and sexy.

Do you have any influences when it comes to your work?

I sure do have influences when it comes to my work. My biggest influences are watching people and listening to  their stories and drawing from my own life experience. Musically? My favorite singer of all time is Donny Hathaway. I like to think I emulate him and the way he puts emotion into a song. Michael Jackson is so obviously important to me because he was a true artist. Always reinventing himself. His voice and his performance style were globally  captivating.  A true legend. I live  to emulate the larger- than- life- presence he brought to the stage and screen. I grew up in the Church, so Gospel Music has always been a huge influence on my craft. The passion for love and salvation and hope for something better than reality is something I’ve always loved about gospel. It’s such a part of me, that it’s hard not to pour my soul into a song because I’ve always done it that way.

Do you have a song or work you are most proud of?

The song I am the most proud of is “Getting Over”. The original version is a solo but the version that captured the most attention features Fergie and LMFAO. To  have shared this record with David and everyone  and watch it  go  far beyond I would ever have imagined is unbelievable. To have written the lyrics and performed in the video and watch how people come to life when I play it live, is phenomenal!

Tell us about your new hit solo singles like “Too Much In Love?

Too Much In Love is the second single on my EP Premium Songs From The Love Ship Vol. 1. It features a guitar phrase from Lenny Kravitz’ “Are You Gonna Go My Way”. The song fuses rock & roll edge with an electronic foundation  and I gave it a high impact vocal that I hope catches on everywhere. Really kicks!  Louder, is my first single from the EP and my first solo number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart. So happy  that this record is all about not taking yourself too seriously and taking the party and every other situation you’re in to the absolute maximum!

What does the future hold for Chris Willis?

I look to the future to be a chance to write, sing and release more hit records on my label Veneer Records. I am looking forward to more great collaborations. I hope to continue to travel the world and share my message to all who listen.

Send out a message to your fans in Lebanon.

To all the fans in Lebanon, keep believing in your dreams no matter how hard they might seem to believe in, they do come true. Thank you for your support. Cheers!

Quick Questionnaire:
What do you think when you see these words?

Music- beauty, passion and pain set to rhythm and sound
Life- live it to the fullest
Love- unconditional
NRJ Music Tour- Festival of great talent!
Beirut- Middle Eastern Metropolis with a heavy dose of French Culture and history, beautiful people, tasty traditional food.