How To Smoke a Cigar

How To Smoke a Cigar

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro there are a few lessons everyone needs to remember.

Tip One: First, a good cut is everything. Make sure you have a cigar cutter on hand. On the end of the cigar notice where the cap meets the wrapper. Congratulations; you’ve found the sweet spot.

Tip Two: Place the cigar cutter approximately 3-4 mm from the line and in one swift motion sever the cap from the cigar.

Tip Three: A cigar must be lit with patience; don’t spoil the experience. Always use cedar matches or a butane lighter, and steer clear of matches with sulphur. Patiently rotate the cigar while occasionally blowing on it to ensure an even burn.

Tip Four: Remove the band from the cigar once it becomes loose from the heat.