Him Vs. Her: Hug Me, Kiss Me, Squeeze Me

When you are fond of a person, you can’t wait till you take them out and show them off to the world. You also can’t wait to start expressing your fondness to that person through words and actions, but have you ever thought about how much is too much? Where should you draw the line on public display of affection (PDA)?

He Said: I generally don’t mind making out with a girl in public, especially if I’m drunk because at that point I honestly don’t care who is watching and what they’re thinking. I’d probably get a bit disgusted if I am watching two people making out all night and I’ll feel the urge to tell them to get a room. If I’m serious about a girl, of course I tone it done and try my best not to overdo it so that people don’t talk badly about her. It’s a spur of the moment thing, if I want to kiss my woman, I will; and if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

She Said: Like everything in life, it can be done in a nice way or in a disgusting way. Of course I won’t reenact pornography in public, but if I feel like kissing my boyfriend, what’s the problem? I think a simple kiss or holding hands or even a hug is fine, as long as it doesn’t become too R-rated – and as long as parents are not present! I think society is too uptight and misery loves company, so of course other single people wouldn’t like to see two people expressing their feelings towards each other. It’s a free world, as long as we all know our limits.

What is your opinion about PDA? Would you kiss your lover in public? Hold hands? At which places is PDA OK? At what point do you think people cross the line with PDA?