Him Vs. Her: Flirtatious Eye Contact

Nightclubs are usually very sexually charged, so it’s only natural for a man and a woman to try to catch each others’  attention in one way or another; it could be through a direct approach or more discreetly (body language, eye contact…).

He Said: Eye contact definitely reveals whether a woman is into me or not. We could be sitting at opposite ends of the bar, but if she’s looking at me a lot, I’ll know that she’s interested. If I’m interested enough, I’ll approach her and talk to her. Some guys are still hesitant to go up to a girl even after she’s been staring all night – I think this depends on how shy a guy is (yes, men can be shy too). In my case, I guess it just depends on how much I’ve had to drink or how much I like the girl. If she overdoes it, it’ll sort of freak me out. I don’t like a girl that’s too overpowering or that makes me feel like I’m her next meal – it’s just not sexy. Despite self-confidence, it’s still nice for a girl to be a bit timid and shy – there’s something intriguing about that.

She Said: When I am at a club or a bar, I think the easiest way to show a guy that I am interested is by maintaining eye contact with him. Of course, i am very subtle about it in a way that lets him know but still keeps an aura of mystery. I do get disappointed sometimes because the guy never ends up coming to talk to me – i don’t know if it’s because he’s shy, discouraged, or if he’s still not sure that I am interested. Men should know that if a woman looks at them more than three times, she’s interested. I wouldn’t be the first to approach the guy because I am a bit shy and I wouldn’t want to come off as too desperate or aggressive – because that’s what most people tend to think. If it were up to me though, I don’t mind approaching the guy first . . . I just need to gather up the guts for it!

What do you think about this subject? Do you think eye contact is effective in showing the other person that you’re interested? Do you think it should be done in a certain way so that you don’t come off too aggressive but still show that you’re interested? How do you react to eye contact?