Him Vs. Her: Dirty Dancing

Is there an etiquette for dancing at clubs? How do you dance? Alone or with a partner? Do you jump around or just move around a little? How do you dance with your partner? One thing that always seems to be a head turner is dirty dancing. As soon as two people start bumping and grinding, all eyes are set on them . . .

He said: I am not the biggest fan of dancing, but yeah, i don’t mind grinding with a sexy girl – whether we just met or whether she’s my date. I find it very sexual and it’s definitely a good way for knowing if a girl is into me or not. Body language says it all.

She said: I am not a fan of dirty dancing with a guy. I think it’s very sexually suggestive, and I find it to be a heavier dose of PDA than kissing for those watching. I don’t want people getting the wrong idea about me. I would probably dance that way with my boyfriend, but not with a random guy I’ve just met.

What do you think? Would you grind and dirty dance with a person you’ve just met? Or a person you’ve known and been attracted to for a while? Or just a friend? Do you think it’s too sexual or acceptable?