Him Vs. Her: Are You Single Or Taken This V-Day?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we all focus on the color red, on love, on couples, and on romance; but what about those who are single? Some are happily single and like to celebrate their “independence” on Valentine’s Day, while others are angry, bitter, and envious of those who are happily in love in the universe. Do people prefer being single or in a relationship? And what about on Valentine’s Day?

He Said: Well, when I am single I’m happy and when I’m in a relationship I’m happy, depending on the person I’m with. If she’s unbearable, then of course I’ll be miserable; whereas if she’s a girl that my friends and family like and who I really like (and vice versa) then I’ll be really happy and thankful to have her. If I happen to be single at a time when all my close friends are single, then it’s a blast – going out with the boys, messing around with no strings attached, and just having plain fun without having to worry about not giving enough time to my girl or having to drag her around with me when I just want to be with the guys. On the other hand, if I’m the only one left single amongst my friends, then I’m going to feel like a fifth wheel everywhere I go; and yeah at some point I might start wanting someone in my life – probably to fit in better or probably because I’d start feeling an empty space that needs to be filled. I guess it all depends on my mood and lifestyle at the time. Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal to me. If I am in a relationship, I’d like to take my lady out for a fancy dinner or buy her a nice gift to make her happy; but if I’m single, I won’t care much about all the love and cheesiness happening  around me.

She Said: Although I enjoy being single and not having any man to boss me around, I am a bit partial to being in a relationship. I like knowing that I have someone in my life that cares about me, someone who I can talk to first thing in the morning and last thing before I sleep. Sometimes I enjoy my single life, especially if all my girlfriends are single and particularly if it’s around the summer season when many of my friends return to Lebanon from abroad to spend the holidays. I don’t always enjoy being single though, especially around Christmas time, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day. I guess during these occasions I am prone to be more sensitive and emotional, so I’d rather have a man by my side when I run into a happy couple that’s in love – that’s not a sight I’d like to see when I’m feeling miserable and lonely. When I am in a relationship, I feel more complete and generally happy if I’m with a nice guy. If he’s an ass, I’ll obviously be upset most of the time and missing my single life; although it could take me a bit of time to get out of the destructive relationship and back on the single track. Valentine’s Day is a big deal to me, whether I’m single or not. If I’m single I like to be bitter with the entire single crowd and celebrate somewhere filled with single people so that I do not feel alone – sometimes it actually turns out to be fun. If I’m in a very rotten mood though, I’ll just stay at home and watch a movie or something. If I’m in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, I like to full-on celebrate it with a romantic dinner and nice little gifts.

What is your point of view on this subject? Do you prefer being single or in a relationship? What about on Valentine’s Day? What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? And are you single or taken this Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts with us on the page.