Him Vs. Her: Are Men Better Drivers Than Women?

A timeless debate that will never seem to find peace or rest, is “Men versus Woman Drivers”, who’s better? Some may argue that men are unquestionably better and back it by statistics and others may argue that women are safer drivers and thus, better.

He Said: I don’t even need to argue about this subject. Men are better drivers, full stop! Women are so careless while driving, even if they do in fact drive “safer”. They are too busy looking at the rear-view mirror and adjusting their make up or texting their friends or daydreaming of what to wear on Saturday night. Their head is never fully there, on the road, like it should be! Some women drive like blind 90-year-olds; they are slow, they don’t know how to drive their car, and they cause major traffic jams for everyone around them.

She Said: Women are multi-taskers so we are able to think, talk on the phone, eat and drink while driving. We are more careful, we don’t speed carelessly like men do and we don’t care about proving who’s the better driver by racing with our friends or with other cars; that’s pure dangerous. I think a person’s driving should be judged by the amount of accidents they have, and I think men get into many more accidents than women do.

Who do you think drives better, men or women?