Him vs. Her: Heavy Makeup

We all know there’s day make up and night makeup. Is it possible that girls have taken it too far with their makeup application skills? There’s a thin line between looking like a beauty and looking like a beast.

He said: excessive make up is the most disgusting thing I can see on a girl. There is nothing beautiful or lady-like about it. It’s like painting over a surface; and while it’s still wet, it dirties everything that comes in contact with it. The blush stains my shirt, the lipstick stains my face; and aside to her looking like a clown, I end up looking like one too by the end of the night. She won’t let me touch her face or kiss her lips.
If you have a nice set of eyes and nice lips, highlight them; don’t cover them up – and most importantly, don’t dirty me! Whoever said you have to wear more makeup at night? We can still see all those layers of paint. Keep it simple, please.

She said: I can’t leave my house without a touch of blush, mascara, eye liner, and some lip gloss. I look pale, sick, and ugly if I don’t have any make up applied. I don’t think I wear too much and I don’t think men notice that I am wearing too much makeup because I apply it in a very discreet manner. I don’t think men are very aware about how and where us girls apply makeup anyway. Night makeup should definitely be heavier than day makeup, because the darkness allows it and I’ll look better in pictures. Yes, I definitely think I look better with makeup.

What do you think? Do you prefer the “au naturel” look or would you rather have a few touches of makeup here and there?  Why do you think some women wear too much makeup?
Are you a victim of makeup abuse? Let us know your take on the matter.