Hanks: We Miss You!

The mood is always great at Henry J. Bean’s Bar & Grill. Drop in for a night of Tex-Mex food, beer and fun in an all-American style. The open grill serves a selection of over-sized burgers, steaks and salads. Enjoy the succulent fare with an ice-cold beer or cocktail from the bar’s professional mixologist… Yum, this is what we miss in Lebanon ever since Hanks closed a while back. Do you remember where it used to be…? Yes in Beirut next to LAU campus.
But now it’s all back in full power… this time its opening it’s doors in busy busy nightspot. We talk to Elias Hankach from Spartans, the management group behind Hanks.
So where’s the new Hanks going to open and when?
In the middle of Gemmayzeh in Gouraud Street. Expected to open at the end of May.
How big is the place will it be the same as before?
Yes, this is the same concept as before as we have acquired the franchise after more that 10 years of absence, however things have changed since and we are adapting accordingly…the concept and the spirit are still the same! When comparing to the Gemmayzeh’s restaurants and pubs, Henry J. Beans in relatively very big!
Why did it close before and why reopening now?
Why did it close? I will allow myself to say that the previous group was very professional and hard working, however they have encountered some internal issues as well as other external factors that contributed in slowing down the operation…
As for the re-opening, we at Spartans believed in the concept and thought it would be great to bring back a great place with many memories among the Lebanese community where they use to enjoy their time with great quality food and exquisite drink menu with outstanding service from a well trained staff!
The concept of Hanks that everyone loves, tell us more about it.
The concept is very simple and casual, yet it was adapted to the Lebanese market, people enjoy a rich menu of drinks you cannot find anywhere else with a real American grill menu…The music is mainly “groovy” and changing by mid-night when the mood rises up for a more entertaining atmosphere.
Tell us about the management of Hanks?
Coming from different backgrounds, the shareholders and the management are mainly specialists in communication/marketing, entertainment and catering which covers all areas that makes Hanks the place to be!
See you there at the end of the month!